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for healthy growth in organic farming

The global demand for organic vegetables is growing and that places extra demands on you. The challenges in the market lead to specific requests for high-quality vegetable seeds, market knowledge and a strong and cooperative network within the chain. Are you looking for the latest market information, keen to cooperate with an international network of chain partners or looking for the best quality varieties for your business? We’re happy to help.

In the spotlight: Rijk Zwaan aubergine varieties suitable for organic production


Organic aubergine growers have plenty of choice at Rijk Zwaan: strong, reliable varieties that perform well in hot summers. The innovative CleanLeaf aubergines represent a new generation. Here, our specialists Florian Friedrich from Germany and Aureliano Cerezuela Márquez from Spain present their favourite varieties.

Rijk Zwaan lettuce seeds for organic production

In the spotlight: The Rijk Zwaan lettuce seeds for organic production


The demand for organically grown lettuce is still rising. Rijk Zwaan offers growers a wide range of organic seeds, whether their focus is on taste, size, up-to-date Bremia or Nasonovia resistances or low nitrogen. Here, Rijk Zwaan specialists present their choice of lettuce varieties for both temperate and Mediterranean climates.

Good news for organic growers squash with ‘New Delhi’ resistance


The New Delhi virus has been causing serious problems for squash growers in the Mediterranean region for close to a decade. Following years of research, we are proud to now introduce the first squash varieties with resistance to the New Delhi virus. The squash varieties with New Delhi resistance will be sold under the Delhi Defense label.

Working towards organic vegetables for the whole world

The global demand for organic vegetables is growing, and that places extra demands on you as a grower too.
Thankfully, you don’t have to face the challenges alone, because choosing Rijk Zwaan’s Organic varieties gives you
more than just a high-quality product range.


“Healthy and profitable growth in organics requires specific knowledge relating not only to vegetable production, but also to market developments, consumer expectations and product performance. 


“Our focus on quality guides us in everything we do. Setting the bar high enables us to truly innovate and to guarantee sustainable growth of our organic range.”


“Intensive collaboration is firmly anchored in our mission. We are continuously investing in our relationships with growers, retailers, trading companies and partners. That helps everyone to move forward.”


Our strong organic vegetable portfolio

When expanding our organic range, our focus is on quality. We introduce top-class seeds specifically for the organic food market. All these varieties have in common that they have strong resistances combined with a good yield. Besides, the organic varieties have been bred for a broad spectrum of local farming situations, attracting consumers thanks to their distinctive shape, visual appeal and/or flavour. Our organic vegetable portfolio enables you as an organic farmer to profitably capitalise on the growing demand for such products, with a crop that always meets your requirements.

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The global demand for organic vegetables is growing, and that places extra
demands on you as a grower too.