Broad assortment of organic products appeals to grocery retailers

Every day, Belgian wholesaler BioVibe supplies organic fruit and vegetables to customers within a large radius of its base in Sint-Katelijne-Waver. “Food retailers appreciate our flexibility and wide choice. After experiencing a sharp rise at the start of the pandemic, the growth in demand for organic vegetables has now stabilised. The demand for organic fruit…

Rijk Zwaan spinach varieties

Organic growers can count on these spinach varieties

Organic spinach growers can count on the varieties supplied by Rijk Zwaan. Their extensive resistances keep the crop free of downy mildew and leaf diseases, while the high vigour prevents weeds. Rijk Zwaan’s spinach specialists for the industrial and fresh markets explain which varieties are best suited to organic cultivation.

In the spotlight: Rijk Zwaan aubergine varieties suitable for organic production

Organic aubergine growers have plenty of choice at Rijk Zwaan: strong, reliable varieties that perform well in hot summers. The innovative CleanLeaf aubergines represent a new generation. Here, our specialists Florian Friedrich from Germany and Aureliano Cerezuela Márquez from Spain present their favourite varieties.

Rijk Zwaan lettuce seeds for organic production

In the spotlight: The Rijk Zwaan lettuce seeds for organic production

The demand for organically grown lettuce is still rising. Rijk Zwaan offers growers a wide range of organic seeds, whether their focus is on taste, size, up-to-date Bremia or Nasonovia resistances or low nitrogen. Here, Rijk Zwaan specialists present their choice of lettuce varieties for both temperate and Mediterranean climates.

Good news for organic growers squash with ‘New Delhi’ resistance

The New Delhi virus has been causing serious problems for squash growers in the Mediterranean region for close to a decade. Following years of research, we are proud to now introduce the first squash varieties with resistance to the New Delhi virus. The squash varieties with New Delhi resistance will be sold under the Delhi Defense label.

US organic market grows by over 14%

In 2020, US consumers purchased 14.2% more organic fruits and vegetables than in 2019. The market growth is directly linked to the COVID-19 pandemic, explains Merek Dorf, US Sales and Crop Specialist at Rijk Zwaan. “Consumers trust organic products and regard them as healthy.”
As an industry leader in resistance breeding, Rijk Zwaan can help vegetable growers to find the right varieties for both salad kits and other current and future top-ten fruits and vegetables. “Resistances are the most important cornerstone for organic varieties.