An organic tour around PMA

Rijk Zwaan Colleagues Merek Dorf and David Perie, visited PMA Fresh Summit in Anaheim, California last month. Amongst many fruit and vegetables, their eye specifically looked for the latest trends in Organics. What was presented? What was new? Read their findings on their organic tour at the PMA. 

Focus on sustainability

Following the market trends, organic fruits and vegetables are absolutely growing right now. Packaging, products and focus on sustainability couldn’t be missed. Regarding sustainability, that went further than sustainable production only. Also the behaviour towards employees, wellbeing of the environment and so on, was highlighted at the fair.

Trends in vegetables

For vegetable products specifically some interesting highlights were these:

  • Compostable tomato packaging
  • Cucumbers without plastic sleeve
  • Organic salad blends (including products like Cabbage, lettuce, spinach, arugula, kohlrabi, radish, sprouts and seeds)

Furthermore, some insights were clearly noticed. Especially demand from the middle-upper class citizens, but also now from those families on a more limited income. Organic is not a highlight anymore, but is now just part of the community. It seems like there is a movement to make healthy, convenient fruits and vegetables and vegetable-based products accessible to all people regardless of demographic.

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