In the spotlight: Our new tomato varieties for organic production

At Rijk Zwaan, we are continuously developing new varieties for organic growers. In this section called ‘In the spotlight’, we highlight our most recent additions per crop type. This time, the focus is on our tomato varieties.


  Procano RZ is a new truss tomato variety for temperate climates (such as northwest Europe) with an average fruit weight of 100 to 120 grams. It is a generative, open and easy-to-monitor crop. Specialist John Verbruggen: “Procano RZ has an attractive deep red colour, an appealing flavour, a higher than average lycopene content and an extra resistance against downy mildew.”
Gerdicia RZ is another high-yielding truss tomato variety. It has an average fruit weight of 115 to 135 grams and is also suitable for temperate climates. John Verbruggen: “The plants are short with strong vigour. The trusses are flat, uniform and jointless, and the tomatoes are a nice red colour. The variety has extra resistances against downy mildew.”
Daltary RZ is a cherry tomato for loose harvesting with an average fruit weight of 14 to 18 grams. Like the two varieties mentioned above, it too is suitable for temperate climates. The plants are short and strong. “Uniquely and also importantly for organic growers, this variety is very easy to work with. The relatively short plants, the uniform trusses and the well-filled fruits in the whole truss result in considerable labour savings,” says John Verbruggen.
  Atakama RZ is a plum tomato variety for the Mediterranean climate. It produces particularly high-quality fruits with an excellent colour and flavour, a strong skin and a good shelf life. Specialist Aureliano Cerezuela explains: “Atakama RZ has good resistances against TYLCV and tomato spotted wilt virus which makes this a very reliable variety.”
Realsol RZ is a truss tomato variety for the Mediterranean climate that produces nice big trusses. It even performs well in poor soil conditions.  
Ramybelle RZ is another variety that is suitable for the Mediterranean climate. Growers can sell the fruits either as loose tomatoes or on the vine. It is a vigorous and well-balanced plant with an open habit. The tomatoes are firm with an attractive deep red colour and a high Brix value. This variety is unique in its comprehensive package of resistances, including against powdery mildew (Leveillula taurica (Lt)).  

Download the leaflet about our new tomato varieties for organic production

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