In the spotlight: Our sweet pepper varieties for organic production

Growers of organic peppers in both moderate and Mediterranean climates have plenty to choose from at Rijk Zwaan. Here, we highlight ten strong pepper varieties. Many of them produce large, attractive peppers and have powdery mildew resistance, which is a big advantage for growers.

Varieties for moderate climates

Hayden RZ is a new red blocky sweet pepper variety. Johannes Van Megen, Account Manager Fruit Crops at Rijk Zwaan Germany, is enthusiastic about it: “Hayden RZ is our newcomer. The very good fruit quality, high production and large fruit size are great advantages. This variety shows good results in traditional growing, but it is also very promising for organic production.”


Redline RZ is another red blocky sweet pepper that has proven its quality in organic growing. The open crop is easy to control. The variety has a high yield, is resistant to powdery mildew (Leveillula Taurica, Lt) and, like Hayden RZ, produces big fruits. “In our market, we’re seeing a shift towards larger red peppers like these,” says Johannes.


Redwing RZ is also a red blocky variety that produces large fruits with an average weight of 200 grams. This sweet pepper is suitable for organic growing too. The vigorous crop requires strong generative control. The variety is highly productive and is also resistant to powdery mildew (Lt) and TSWV.


Jack Miller RZ is the strongest orange sweet pepper in the Rijk Zwaan assortment. Johannes: “The main advantages are the open crop, the high fruit weight during summer, the high yield and the very good fruit quality. This orange pepper has almost no problems with blossom end rot or inner rot either.”


Our yellow sweet pepper variety Allrounder RZ is still going strong in organics. It has outstanding fruit quality with a good shelf life, and the crop is very easy to work with


Varieties for Mediterranean climates

Claque RZ is a red blocky sweet pepper for the early season. Because of the intermediate resistance against powdery mildew (Lt), it is very suitable for organic production. Aureliano Cerezuela, Specialist at Rijk Zwaan Ibérica, comments: “Clients value the high yield and the excellent fruit quality. Thanks to its flexible fruit weight, this variety is a good fit in every market.”


Percussion RZ is a blocky red or green sweet pepper for the mid-season of July and August. “This variety has a very strong root system, which is important for organic growers. They also value the consistent uniformity of the fruits and the high average fruit weight of 200-270 grams, as well as the absence of silvering,” Aureliano explains. Importantly, like the other varieties, it also has intermediate resistance against powdery mildew (Lt).

Canzion RZ is another blocky sweet pepper for the mid-season. The variety produces very uniform fruits with a good shelf life and absence of silvering. The vegetative plant sets easily in high temperatures. It is highly productive and strong against powdery mildew (Lt).

Nirvin RZ is another red blocky sweet pepper for the early season, with an intermediate resistance against powdery mildew (Lt). The variety produces large, uniform and deep red fruits with an average fruit weight of 200 grams.


Arabesca RZ is a new red sweet pepper for the mid and late season which is suitable for organic growers. “It has good setting in both warm and cold conditions and it turns red quickly. This variety is a very uniform G-GG, perfectly suited for different markets. It is a pepper that maintains the right calibre and shape at low temperatures. It is also strong against powdery mildew,” says Aureliano.

Acustico RZ is a blocky red sweet pepper for the late season. It has an open and strong plant type which makes it convenient for organic production. Acustico RZ produces uniform, high-quality fruits without silvering or cracking.

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