Identified organic food trends at Biobeurs 2020

The 22th and 23th of January 2020, Rijk Zwaan participated in the international oriented Biobeurs in The Netherlands. We presented our new organic concepts, such as Little & Fresh and our new snack brand SN!BS. Visitors were surprised by our green striped aubergine, not only because of its beautiful appearance. The flavour and structure of this new aubergine exceeded expectations. This organic fair is the biggest national organic tradeshow for professionals and set stage for lively discussions on future organic food trends and developments.

Organic food trends

During this fair we encountered daily challenges in organic farming and consumer knowledge about organic food. It turns out consumers need to be informed about organic food more extensively, whereas businesses need more guidance on how to grow organically. This is undoubtedly bounded to a rise in platforms such as BioAcademy for professionals and Ik ben BIO for consumers.

Sustainability and transparency

We discovered interesting consumer trends such as sustainability. Nowadays, consumers value products that are sustainably produced. And that products haveĀ  sustainable packaging that reduces environmental impact. These new consumer demands perfectly fit the organic sector. Transparency is another upcoming trend, as consumers now want to be informed about the business, its products and their way of operating. A fourth trend is convenience, hyperconnectivity and busy lifestyles make consumers strive for ease and time-saving food options.

The fair was a big success, we had positive feedback on our new concepts and gained inspiration from other exhibitors. Watch our aftermovie to get an impression of the Biobeurs.

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