Series of company profiles brings organic growers closer to consumers

May 2023 – Consumers are keen to know more about organic cultivation and how it differs from conventional cultivation. To answer this need, Love My Salad – Rijk Zwaan’s consumer platform – is helping organic growers throughout Europe to share their stories in a series of company profiles. The first profile is about Biosabor, an impressive organic farm in the Andalusian province of Almeria, Spain. Heleen Bos, Rijk Zwaan Specialist Marketing Organics, supervised the sessions: “It’s wonderful to experience the organic growers’ passion, and to help them share that passion with consumers.”

Going the extra mile
Annelies Blaauwkamer, who is responsible for the Love My Salad platform, explains the reason behind the richly illustrated company profiles: “We want to show our followers the people behind the products, and how they go the extra mile to grow organic produce. We will share this content through all our channels, reaching 300,000 consumers.”

Passion is inspiring
Heleen Bos is very excited about this project: “The fascinating stories and passion of these growers can inspire people. This series will help to boost consumers’ knowledge and to stimulate their preference for organic products.” She regards the passionate family company Biosabor as a great example for this sector. “I admire Biosabor’s commitment to and passion for organic cultivation for the past 20 years. Biosabor sets itself apart with its own nutrition specialist and its strong focus on taste.”

Stimulating the organic sector
Because of this focus on flavour, Biosabor often selects innovative varieties. For example, the company grows Rijk Zwaan’s new marmande beef tomato Tafury RZ, which combines an attractive taste with a high Brix value. Heleen Bos: “Novel products with outstanding flavour are driving the organic market forward. Inspiring stories from organic growers also contribute to this. Together with Love My Salad and the entrepreneurs themselves, we can stimulate the organic sector and share a healthy future.”

Discover the full story of Biosabor on the Love My Salad consumer platform.

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