Melon - Charentais

These watermelons and melons are recommended for organic production

Organic melon growers can choose from a wide range of watermelons and melons at Rijk Zwaan. Resistances against powdery mildew and aphids in most of the varieties are very valuable. The small sizes for export and the innovative concepts like Ready to Eat are also attractive to growers. Specialists from Rijk Zwaan explain which varieties they recommend for organic production.

A peek behind the scenes with three organic farmers

Sebastiaan, David and Rob are three organic farmers in the Netherlands. Love My Salad has recorded a short video with each of them in which the farmers provide a peek behind the scenes. This is one way that the global consumer platform powered by Rijk Zwaan is showing thousands of its social media followers what organic and biodynamic farming is all about.

Defense label ensures healthy crops

Defense label: resistances against plant diseases

Plant diseases are a major cause of production losses and other headaches for growers worldwide, which is why Rijk Zwaan offers the Defense label. It comprises a number of different lines of varieties that have key resistances against serious plant diseases that can occur during the cultivation of cucumbers, melons, courgettes, sweet peppers and hot peppers, among other crops. Dozens of years of breeding work have gone into the development of these varieties.

robust celery and celeriac varieties

In the spotlight: robust celery and celeriac varieties for organic production

Growers are keen to work with strong varieties that can be planted early and are not susceptible to blight. According to the specialists at Rijk Zwaan, these three celeriac and five celery varieties are a good choice.

Broad assortment of organic products appeals to grocery retailers

Every day, Belgian wholesaler BioVibe supplies organic fruit and vegetables to customers within a large radius of its base in Sint-Katelijne-Waver. “Food retailers appreciate our flexibility and wide choice. After experiencing a sharp rise at the start of the pandemic, the growth in demand for organic vegetables has now stabilised. The demand for organic fruit…

Rijk Zwaan spinach varieties

Organic growers can count on these spinach varieties

Organic spinach growers can count on the varieties supplied by Rijk Zwaan. Their extensive resistances keep the crop free of downy mildew and leaf diseases, while the high vigour prevents weeds. Rijk Zwaan’s spinach specialists for the industrial and fresh markets explain which varieties are best suited to organic cultivation.